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Top 10 largest companies | 2022

It is noteworthy that in the case of individual companies, transactions with related parties may not be expressed in real prices, which may have a significant impact on the evaluation of the company’s performance.

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investors in ra banks
Banks have dramatically increased investments in RA treasury bonds

At the end of 2022, investments in RA government (treasury) bonds amounted to AMD 1.4 trillion, which is about twice as high as at the beginning of the year. Investments by commercial banks recorded a sharp increase (+ AMD 390 billion or 86%)։ Investments carried out by non-bank residents grew by AMD 107.1 billion or […]

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Where to allocate free assets

Following the Russia-Ukraine war, RA commercial banks recorded a large inflow of currency and deposits ($980 million), as well as a sharp increase in net profit, as a result of this banks were faced with the problem of allocating free assets, considering the limited possibilities of capital absorption of Armenian market. At the end of […]

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Foreign direct investments (FDIs) in Armenia | Q1-Q3 2022

In January-September 2022, FDI inflow to the real sector of the Armenian economy amounted to $708.2 million, 36.2% more than last year. It should be mentioned that the increase of FDI inflow in AMD terms equaled 19.4%, meaning that the 36.2% USD increase was largely due to AMD appreciation. In Q1-Q3 2022, Russia had the […]

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