Market research
Market research

We help our clients to understand how market works, to identify new market opportunities and/or monitor market developments and trends. With advanced analytical, visualization tools and a range of databases we offer detailed and objective market studies tailored on various industries. We base our studies on surveys, official data from publicly available sources, expert opinions, internal database of our company, in-depth interviews with specialists and other data sources. We provide market research for businesses which consider entering a new market or expend their activities, as well as comprehensive market reviews with the latest trends and figures for clients who want to understand the general trends and developments in the market, etc.

Value chain and Sectoral analysis

We help our clients to understand how their businesses are creating value, how business operations can be improved, and expenses and risks can be reduced. Through qualitative and quantitative tools, we assess the current situation, identify the value drivers, quantify the contribution of each driver, and provide crucial insights to reduce expenses and risk and drive efficiencies across operations. We also help our clients to assess economic and financial situation and prospects of a given sector. Through primary and secondary research, we provide comprehensive reports including future trends of the industry, investment opportunities, and areas for improvement.

Economic and social research

We help our clients to understand the current socio-economic situation and development trends of the country. Our research toolkit is quite rich, we collect both primary and secondary information, combine qualitative and quantitative methods, use tools such as PESTEL analysis, etc.

Evaluation and monitoring

We help our clients to assess whether their projects are on target towards intended results. By systematically gathering, analyzing, reporting data and information we provide our clients with feedback on progress in implementations and results of projects and help them to actively manage the performance of projects. We also perform evaluation of projects, which includes assessment of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of a given project.