Corporate strategy & finance
Corporate strategy & finance

With a strategic planning toolkit and methodologies, we help our clients to assess current situation, redefine mission, vision, and strategic goals, develop corporate strategy, create new organizational models and set up a performance management system to make the change happen. In addition, we encourage our clients to transform the corporate finance function to embrace the change. With our comprehensive analysis and opportune recommendations, our clients choose a strategic option that positions their business for sustained growth and efficiently allocate resources for them.

Business planning

We help our clients to set up a comprehensive, convincing and winning business plan, whether they are starting up a new business or seeking additional capital for existing business. Through detailed market research we help our clients to determine the viability of a new service or product. The business plans we develop also provide financial projections, which help our clients to raise capital for their enterprise, as well as have yardsticks against which to judge future performance. Our company has experience in developing comprehensive business plans in different sectors, including agriculture and food, HoReCa, healthcare, aviation, etc.

Financial modeling

We help our clients to estimate the required investments, project the revenue and costs of their projects and through financial indicators (NPV, IRR, payback period) define the financial viability of investment projects. With financial modeling tools and techniques, we forecast a business’ financial performance into the future. We closely work with our clients and sectoral experts to develop a model with multiple scenarios suitable for clients’ specific needs and to provide them with a reliable tool for quickly analyzing and exploring the financial impact of their strategic decisions. In addition, we also conduct break-even and sensitivity analyses to provide comprehensive view on the financial state of their projects.

Business model innovation

The business model innovation is widely used to face the current strategic challenges in different industries from HoReCa to aviation. We help our clients to redesign their business models. We work with our clients to develop new approaches supporting financial viability, driving profitability and maintaining lasting competitive advantage. With a range of tools and techniques we help businesses to embrace change, adjust their business models, and be more responsive to the market challenges.

Asset valuation

We provide valuation opinion or valuation consulting services to assist our clients with mergers, acquisitions, reorganization, strategic planning, etc. Our valuation services include valuation of businesses using the main and most common valuation methods.

Feasibility studies

We help our clients to assess the viability of business or investment project ideas. Whether a project is feasible or not can depend on several factors, including market size, competitive environment, political, environmental, legal, and other aspects. Through comprehensive research and advanced frameworks, we consider all relevant issues and determine the feasibility of the business idea in all aspects. The feasibility studies we provide include financial projections and estimates of ROI, IRR, NPV, etc.