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To develop a financial model for investment projects implemented in this field, to carry out a feasibility study, to prepare business plan and to attract investments for their implementation, to develop a strategic plan for individual companies, a price strategy, to carry out optimization of business processes. In addition, analyze value chains and individual sub-sectors, study international markets for individual products, develop a sector/sub-sector/value chain development strategy.

The wholesale and retail trade is one of the important sectors of Armenia’s economy. It contributes 12․6% to RA GDP (2023) and 12% to employment (2022). Trade is also one of the sectors where entrepreneurship in Armenian is mainly concentrated in.

Armenia’s import is twice as much as its export. The country mainly imports natural gas (9%), oil and oil products (7%), medicines, machinery, and equipment. Armenia exports mainly products that have low-complexity and low value added, particularly mineral products (32% of commodity exports), other main exported products are alcoholic beverages, tobacco, gold, etc.